Building managers with high visitation rates should not underestimate the fire door. A building must have a fire door that functions for evacuation access. Emergency conditions can arise at any time, be it fires, earthquakes, landslides, and other hazards that can threaten life. Therefore, the prerequisite for a building with a high occupancy rate is considered safe if an evacuation facility is available for people who use it because the occupants of a high-rise building must immediately save themselves in the event of an emergency.

More and more emerging construction of buildings and buildings. More and more people need companies that provide fire door manufacturer services.

To overcome this, fire door manufacturer are present and answer the needs of the community by presenting various types of doors made of superior materials, one of which is sliding doors that are fire-rated.

Advantages of Using a fire door You Need to Know

Fire doors need to be considered carefully when you want to build a large building such as shops, malls, or offices. One of them is choosing the right type of door for the evacuation route.

fire rated sliding door are a highly recommended option for this purpose. Some of the advantages of fire rated sliding doors include:

  • Fireproof

The main reason why fire-rated sliding doors are emergency doors is that they are made of heat-resistant metal.

  • Elegant Design and Easy to Install

Fire-rated sliding doors also have the advantage of having a luxurious design with a modern feel. Its smooth surface with consistent shine makes this door look elegant when applied in a building.

This is why fire-rated sliding doors are perfect for buildings that want to accentuate the modern side. Such as malls, offices, and so on. In addition to having many functions, this type of door is also easy when in the installation process.

  • Strong and Sturdy

This fire-rated sliding door is also durable and can be used even for very long periods of time. Another advantage is that it has anti-porous and termite-resistant properties.

  • Easy to Clean

The surface is very solid which makes it not easy to stick with stubborn dirt and stains. This type of door is also very easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe the sliding door with a damp cloth to remove the dust that sticks to its surface.

  • Affordable and Competitive Prices

The price of a sliding door that is rated for fire is also still classified in the cheap and friendly category. Even so, the quality and safety are unquestionable. So, it would be very appropriate to use the door for your home or place of business.

Fire door functions you need to know:

1. Efforts to Overcome Danger

Making a fire door is one of the efforts taken to overcome the danger. No one knows when disaster will happen, right? Therefore, this door is specially designed for an escape route in the event of an unwanted accident in the building.

Fire doors are usually designed in such a way and prioritize adequate safety factors. Therefore, usually, the door used for this area is a type of door made of fire-resistant materials.

2. Emergency Egress

Fireproof emergency doors are usually designed together with an emergency ladder that allows them to be used as an evacuation route. When the main door cannot be used, you can use the emergency exit to exit.

3. As an Evacuation Path

An atmosphere of panic will occur if there is no evacuation route in a building. When a disaster occurs, panic will make it difficult for people to think clearly. Imagine if there was no special room built as an evacuation route? Surely people will panic more and find it difficult to save themselves, right?