Swimming pools can also be built in small houses. If you have a hobby of swimming and have small children who crave a swimming pool at your residence, you don’t need to worry anymore.
Because a swimming pool can also be had in a house that is not so big enough to adjust the size of the pool to your residence.

Ideally, a swimming pool at least has a size of at least 3m x 7m with consideration of the comfort of motion when swimming.
The ideal pool size requires a minimum land area of ​​4 m x 8 m because there must be a remaining 50 cm distance around the pool.
It might seem to take up space. But, Not always in big houses.

swimming pools can also be built in small houses

Minimalist swimming pool on an 8 x 15 m land

Reporting from YouTube Design 87, the house below stands on an 8 x 15 m land. This house consists of 2 floors,
with 3 bedrooms and a swimming pool in it.
Like this floor plan form the first and second floor

Initially, the design of a pond in a house served as mere aesthetics.
The pool is a decoration in the house that adds value to beauty.
Over time, the pool is no longer just an element of decoration.
Now, swimming becomes a necessary element in a home that supports giving peace.
Water as a natural element in a pond is able to provide peace.
The effect of the water and its gurgling can calm the mind and soul of the householder.

What pool will you make?

There are various types of ponds. Ponds can be distinguished based on shape, style, type, and function.
Based on its function, a pool can be divided into several types.
What pool will you make? Customize the pool design to your needs.
Here are some types of ponds that are most often made.

Swimming pool

If you like swimming, adding a swimming pool in your home is the right choice.
In addition to being a space for your activities to swimming, Swimming pools can also be built in small houses.
A swimming pool can be a place to relax with your family as well as an aesthetic element of a home.
In addition, the design of a swimming pool in a home is prestige for some people.

Decorative pond

If you just want to add an aesthetic element to the house, making an ornamental pool can be a choice.
In addition to adding to the beauty of your home, ornamental ponds can relax and provide peace for you and your family.

Fish pond

Designing fish ponds in the house can be chosen if you are a person who likes to raise fish.
Your hobbies can be channeled and the aesthetic value of your home increases.

Where are the location, size, and area of ​​the pond?

Where the position of the pool is will determine the function of the pool. Swimming pools can also be built in small houses.
Where is the pool you want to make? An ornamental pond or fish pond placed in front or in the yard of a house usually serves to welcome guests.
The pool that is made next to the house functions as a sweetener for the room. While the pool made in the back serves as an element of decoration.

What about the size of the land you have for ponds? Is it large enough and possible to make a swimming pool?
Or just enough for ornamental ponds and fish ponds?
To know whether you have enough land or not, you need to know the standard size for the design of the pool,
whether it’s a swimming pool, ornamental pond, or fish pond.

Swimming pool

Basically, the standard size of a special design swimming pool for private residences does not exist. Swimming pools can also be built in small houses.
However, ideally, to get comfortable swimming, a swimming pool must have at least a 2.5m x 5m swimming pool with a minimum depth of one meter.
If the area for a swimming pool is narrow, what should you do? You can try to design a minimalist swimming pool.

Decorative ponds and fish ponds

Ornamental ponds or fish ponds have a flexible land area. There is no limit to the area of ​​land to make decorative ponds and fish pond designs.
You can make ornamental pond designs and fish ponds with both wide and narrow land.
Specifically for fish ponds, you need to consider the depth of the pond to keep the fish in your pond safe.
What is the ideal depth of the fish pond? The fish pond should ideally be one meter deep.
Meanwhile, if you only want to make an ornamental pond, a depth of 60cm or less is OK.

What aspects need to be considered when designing a pond?

After knowing what type of pool you want to make and its area, you need to consider several aspects when starting to design a pool,
including the design concept and safety aspects.

Design Concept

What kind of pool design concept do you want? Do you prefer modern,
natural or minimalist pool designs? Do you want your pond design to give the impression of minimalism and simplicity or luxury and elegance?
Each choice of the pool design concept that you choose, will determine what shape is suitable for your pool, what materials should be used, and what decorations can be added. Choose a pool design for your home according to your needs and tastes.


Designing any space, the safety factor is the main thing that must be considered.
When designing a pool, you need to choose materials that are safe for safety, both from the texture, color, and type of material.
The standard size and space of a pool you must look at well.
As a medium for night lighting, you also have to consider the right lighting for the pool area.
Besides adding to the beauty of the pond design.
One alternative lighting that you can do is to add lighting to the pool edge area to clarify the pool boundary.

What type of pool is suitable for your home?

Types of ponds can be divided into 3, namely ponds that are made above ground,
ponds that are made underground, and ponds that are made in between.

Ground Pool

The design of an above ground pool is a pond built on the ground.

How much budget does it take to make a pool?

Have you prepared a budget to make a pool?
Making ornamental ponds and swimming pools certainly requires a different budget.
In terms of size and function, making a swimming pool design certainly costs more than ornamental ponds or fish.
In addition to expensive manufacturing, swimming pools also need regular maintenance that costs.
You need to consider this well before making a decision.

What is the minimum budget needed to make a pool?
The amount of money you need to make a swimming pool or fish pond certainly depends on the design and specifications of the material to be used.
If you are still unsure of the budget you have, the right step is to consult with professionals in their fields.

A professional architect and designer will help you to get design solutions according to your needs and budget.
You will be helped to estimate the budget needed to make the pool according to your tastes and desires.

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