Thoroughly dry the piece, notably when you have rust problems already. I truly sand earlier than cleaning as a result of why clean twice?! Rotten wood and siding material are practically worthless to color, as they’ll do nothing but proceed to deteriorate. Replace the siding or wooden trim with new parts, or within the case of small areas, use a wooden hardener and match with an exterior filler product, corresponding to a wood filler. Paint won’t adhere very well to soiled or tough surfaces, so remember to totally clean the siding and trim, allow it to dry after which sand the rough surfaces. Be certain to sand any peeling paint to create a strong surface for the paint to adhere.

How To Winterize A Mobile Home? Ultimate Guide

Spread a layer of paint on the door parts surrounding the panels. Work quickly from one finish of the door to the other so you’re all the time brushing again over moist paint. Spread paint on about one-third of the door earlier than smoothing it out with long, sweeping brush strokes.

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