Time between soldering and cleaning process – It isn’t uncommon to finish the meeting on Friday, come back on Monday to clean and be stunned with white flux residues. As flux residues sit on the PCB, volatiles proceed to flash off and it turns into tougher to remove. Soldering temperature – Higher temperatures have a greater tendency to bake-on flux residues, making them harder to take away.

What Elements Trigger Difficulty Cleaning Flux Residues From Pcbs?

None of the polyurethane foam swabs carried out properly in this software. Foam swabs turned flimsy when saturated with aggressive solvents and were easily torn. Another downside with handheld tools was that the solvent evaporated too rapidly. When the board dries, the partially solvated flux dries leaving behind white residue. A slower evaporating solvent, like IPA, would keep away from the evaporation concern but should be followed by a rinse.

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