If you want to make some improvements and add value to your home, a wine cellar might be a perfect choice. Additionally, you can install extra storage by installing a tall slim wine fridge in your wine cellar. Installing a wine cellar in your home using home wine cellar installing services like Vinoteca gives you complete access to your access anytime instead of waiting for shipments. Anyone can build a wine cellar in their home. However, as long they have the correct amount of space, and the build is appropriately otherwise, your wine will spoil.

What Is A Wine Cellar?

A wine cellar is a fully enclosed environment for your wine collection and is entirely climate-controlled. A home wine cellar is generally placed in the basement and constructed from brick and stone. Installing a wine cellar in such a location allows the humidity to remain constant to enable the wine to age appropriately and remain stored for longer than a few years. In addition, temperature plays a crucial role in your wine’s age and taste. However, appropriate humidity levels stop your cork from drying out, and oxygen gets into your wine, spoiling it. Moreover, a wine cellar offers an immense variety of customisation to organise your wines accurately.

Where To Build A Wine Cellar

You can build a home wine cellar anywhere, preferably below ground level and in your home’s coolest and most humid location with 50-70% humidity. In addition, the closer you can reach the required humidity levels, the less money you need to spend on a cooling unit. Furthermore, you should also keep in mind a vibration-free space as it will negatively impact the maturation of your entire wine collection, which is why every person prefers to use their basement as a wine cellar. Moreover, something as minor as music or a tumble dryer running can affect your wine’s ageing process.

How Much Space Do You Need For A Wine Cellar

If you think you have found the perfect location for your potential home wine cellar, double-check by measuring the space accurately and count how extensive your current wine collection is. A good way to space out your wine cellar is to note that you can store about 10 to 15 bottles per square foot of your wine cellar. However, if you want something larger but not too large, you may want to consider a 10 to 15 square foot space to fit about 100 to 550 bottles in your wine cellar.

Benefits of Having A Wine Cellar

A home wine cellar offers you quite a few benefits to your wine collection, seeing that they provide the ideal environment for wines to mature properly. Firstly, you can preserve your wine correctly in the best location where the temperature and humidity are at the right level, and there is minimal vibration. Next, you can organise your wine by numerous factors like type, regions, peaking age, grape variety, and price. Furthermore, a wine cellar adds value to your home because this particular feature gives your home an advantage within the niche market. Moreover, you can make your home wine cellar a future investment because when you purchase wine bottles and age them to their peak ageing, you can resell these wine bottles as vintage wines and make a higher resale value. Finally, having a wine cellar encourages you to expand your knowledge of wine by increasing your fascination to experiment with drinking various wine types.