Buying Oceanfront Condos – Things To Consider

Are you planning to buy oceanfront condos for sale in Wailea Maui? At the same time as hitting upon a property in front of a beach should not be a difficulty, however, stumbling on the right one can take somewhat of researching and property hunting. The following are some of the key considerations that you should keep in mind while looking for an oceanfront property:

Foundation & Construction

No matter its nor’easters or hurricanes that bully your beach town, making sure that a coastal home is as weather-proof as possible is top propriety. Or else, your hard-earned investment could be razed as a result of severe weather. If the neighborhood has a high risk of flood and/or ample storm surge potential, you should consider buying a property that is built on stilts. Materials should also be resistant to flood and wind.

HOA Fees & Property Management

If the oceanfront property is not your main home, you may need some sort of property management service to look after the property while you are not here. This signifies that a professional person will be managing all ease agreements, maintenance needs, landscaping, and pest control services. If the beachfront property is situated in an HOA community, the HOA may look after all those needs for you.

At the time of budgeting for any type of oceanfront house of condos for sale in Wailea Maui, it should be kept in mind since fees for such services can be pricey.


At the time of investing in any oceanfront property, do not forget to reflect on the roof. The ultimate thing you would like is to buy a home, just to realize later on that that roof needs to be restored. As a result of the harsh weather experienced in a lot of coastal regions, the roof of beachfront property is sure to go through more wear and tear as compared to an average property. Look for a property in front of the beach with a metal roof. Such sorts of roofs are highly resistant to wind.

Propinquity to water

At the time of purchasing a property in front of the beach, propinquity to the water is the single most important thought for a lot of people. Of course, you will need to think about the advantages and limitations of living in front of the water. For example, while living in close proximity to the water is certainly convenient and good for resale value, it is also certain to amplify the risk of higher insurance rates and floods as well.

However, if the property is constructed with excellent building materials and you can come up with the money for the possible repairs, then living in close propinquity to the water may be worth that extra maintenance.

Are you in search of some of the best Wailea beachfront properties? There are plenty of them available. But to find the right one, best suitable for your personal needs and requirements, make sure to approach Maui Real Estate!