If wiring should be displaced for work area access, it should be adequately released from its clamping to allow motion without injury and returned after work is completed. Brush attachments, like handheld tools, have the potential to introduce new contaminants. In addition, for a brush attachment to reach its full potential, a separate aerosol is required for cleaning under components and for the ultimate rinse. Like handheld tools, with out the drive of an aerosol spray, some solvent could travel underneath the component throughout scrubbing; however, the likelihood that the residues underneath the element shall be pushed out is slim.

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When deciding on the most effective isopropyl product for a selected manufacturing or restore course of, first determine on the grade of solvent, then the packaging. In our testing, the final rinse was found to be a needed step. This step ensures that the entire solvated flux residues, which have been faraway from underneath and round parts, circulate off the board fully and aren’t merely relocated.

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Debris such as drill shavings, liberated fastener items, damaged drill bits, etc., shouldn’t be allowed to infect or penetrate wiring or electrical parts. This can cause severe harm to insulation and potential arcing by providing a conductive path to ground or between two or more wires of various masses. Once contaminated, removal of this kind of particles from wire bundles is extremely troublesome. Therefore, precautions must be taken to prevent contamination of any type from getting into the wire bundle. The EZAP identified in Appendix A of this AMC is designed to allow applicable consideration to be given to electrical wiring installations.

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