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5 Important Things to Choose Wallcovering a Child’s Room

5 important things to choose wallcovering a child’s room. Before choosing and installing a wall cover for the child’s area at home, consider the following points.

For a long time, wallcover has become one of the most favorite wallcoverings for home interiors.

The variety of styles and colors can meet people’s various tastes.

In addition, its easy installation and long durability make many people prefer wallcover over other wall coverings.

In addition to the adult area, wallcover also, of course, can be applied in children’s areas, such as bedrooms, study rooms, and playrooms.

5 important things to choose wallcovering a child’s room

Here are five things that must be considered when using a wall cover for children at home.

1. Color According to Space Function

Color has the power to affect one’s mood, so the color chosen must be in harmony with the function of the room.

For children who are more inclined to choose the preferred visual form, color is one of the things that will immediately attract their attention.

The right color stimulation, will make the room feel alive and work according to function.

For example, for a child’s bedroom that is used for rest, the color of the chosen wall cover should be soothing as various pastel colors that are gentle to the eye.

Conversely, for the playroom, shades of color and style of wall cover should be able to stimulate children to actively play and be creative.

Bright primary colors like red, blue and yellow are suitable to be applied in this space.

If you want to present a more attractive impression, you can choose wallcover with the latest technology, such as wall cover glow in the dark that will turn on automatically when the room is dark.

This type can last for approximately 15 … Read the rest

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Swimming Pools can also be Built in Small Houses

Swimming pools can also be built in small houses. If you have a hobby of swimming and have small children who crave a swimming pool at your residence, you don’t need to worry anymore.
Because a swimming pool can also be had in a house that is not so big enough to adjust the size of the pool to your residence.

Ideally, a swimming pool at least has a size of at least 3m x 7m with consideration of the comfort of motion when swimming.
The ideal pool size requires a minimum land area of ​​4 m x 8 m because there must be a remaining 50 cm distance around the pool.
It might seem to take up space. But, Not always in big houses.

swimming pools can also be built in small houses

Minimalist swimming pool on an 8 x 15 m land

Reporting from YouTube Design 87, the house below stands on an 8 x 15 m land. This house consists of 2 floors,
with 3 bedrooms and a swimming pool in it.
Like this floor plan form the first and second floor

Initially, the design of a pond in a house served as mere aesthetics.
The pool is a decoration in the house that adds value to beauty.
Over time, the pool is no longer just an element of decoration.
Now, swimming becomes a necessary element in a home that supports giving peace.
Water as a natural element in a pond is able to provide peace.
The effect of the water and its gurgling can calm the mind and soul of the householder.

What pool will you make?

There are various types of ponds. Ponds can be distinguished based on shape, style, type, and function.
Based on its function, a pool can be divided into several types.… Read the rest