Are you building your dream home? Looking for a stylish way to refresh your apartment? Or maybe you want to put a more modern spin on the outdoor cladding of your building? No matter if your project is big or small, one of the best materials you can incorporate into it is cladding brick. Why? Because it’s a highly versatile, durable and cost-efficient product. Not to mention it looks amazing! Let’s learn more about its main benefits and uses.

Advantages of brick cladding

What are the main benefits of cladding brick? Definitely, its durability as bricks have been used in construction for hundreds of years, and many buildings made with this material are still in top shape to this day. Another advantage of bricks is their resistance to extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, wind, and UV rays. On top of that, they’re fireproof, which makes them one of the most popular materials for fireplace construction and cladding. It’s worth mentioning that bricks are quite low-maintenance and don’t require much care or attention to still look highly presentable.

The many faces of cladding bricks

Gone are the days when the only available brick options were the classic red versions. Nowadays, you can choose from hundreds of models, which come in various colours, finishes, textures, and sizes. From whites, beiges and light greys through the collection of reds, all the way to dark browns and even black versions. With such a wide range of products, it’s easy to find the option seamlessly suited to your interior design. And if you don’t manage to, you can always paint your brick cladding so it can match your project. Of course, that’s not the only available way of personalising this material. You don’t have to stack the bricks on top of each other. Instead, choose your preferred pattern for installing bricks. Herringbone, Basketweave, Spanish Bond, Combination Stack or Boxed Basketweave – which one will you select?

Versatility of cladding brick systems

Where can you use cladding bricks? That’s the thing – anywhere you want! They will work perfectly indoors and outdoors as an addition to your project or its main feature. Because of the high resistance to extreme weather conditions, bricks can be an excellent cladding material for the outside walls of your house, garage or balcony. They can even be used to create flower beds and fences in the garden if you want to achieve a more cohesive look. Of course, brick cladding can be installed indoors as well. It’s a popular feature in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, offices or halls, but with the right design, it can perfectly fit into your bedroom or bathroom too. Of course, cladding bricks can be used not only in private properties but in commercial-scale developments as well. This material is often seen in hotels, bars, restaurants, offices and various public utility buildings. Where will you decide to use it?

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