Of the category four or greater storms that have struck the United States, 83% have either hit Florida or Texas. These temperatures normally extend at most a couple of days at a time in the northern and central components of Florida. South Florida, nonetheless, hardly ever encounters beneath freezing temperatures. The hottest temperature ever recorded in Florida was 109 °F (43 °C), which was set on June 29, 1931, in Monticello.

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“Taiwan authorities” is sometimes utilized by the PRC to refer to the present government in Taiwan. The ROC not represents China as a member of the United Nations, after UN members voted in 1971 to recognize the PRC as an alternative. The ROC maintained its claim of being the sole legitimate representative of China and its territory, although this has been downplayed since its democratization within the Nineteen Nineties.

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Florida is typically thought of a bellwether state in presidential elections as a result of every candidate who gained the state from 1996 till 2020 won the election. The 2020 election broke that streak when Donald Trump received Florida but misplaced the election. 2008 marked the first time since 1944, when Franklin D. Roosevelt carried the state for the fourth time, that Florida was carried by a Northern Democrat for president.

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