5 important things to choose wallcovering a child’s room. Before choosing and installing a wall cover for the child’s area at home, consider the following points.

For a long time, wallcover has become one of the most favorite wallcoverings for home interiors.

The variety of styles and colors can meet people’s various tastes.

In addition, its easy installation and long durability make many people prefer wallcover over other wall coverings.

In addition to the adult area, wallcover also, of course, can be applied in children’s areas, such as bedrooms, study rooms, and playrooms.

5 important things to choose wallcovering a child’s room

Here are five things that must be considered when using a wall cover for children at home.

1. Color According to Space Function

Color has the power to affect one’s mood, so the color chosen must be in harmony with the function of the room.

For children who are more inclined to choose the preferred visual form, color is one of the things that will immediately attract their attention.

The right color stimulation, will make the room feel alive and work according to function.

For example, for a child’s bedroom that is used for rest, the color of the chosen wall cover should be soothing as various pastel colors that are gentle to the eye.

Conversely, for the playroom, shades of color and style of wall cover should be able to stimulate children to actively play and be creative.

Bright primary colors like red, blue and yellow are suitable to be applied in this space.

If you want to present a more attractive impression, you can choose wallcover with the latest technology, such as wall cover glow in the dark that will turn on automatically when the room is dark.

This type can last for approximately 15 minutes, so it will not interfere with children’s sleep at night.

2. Children’s Favorite Themes

Cartoons, comic books, picture stories, are worlds that fill children’s lives.

With pictures, they learn to imagine, interact, and work. The large selection of cartoon characters also makes children learn to have tastes and choose according to the desires of their hearts.

When children’s areas are designed with images they like, children will learn to love their areas and treat them well.

Favorite cartoons that are trending at the time can be a choice of fun children’s wallcover motifs.

But if you want a more long-lived theme, the theme of the legendary classic Disney characters can be made a choice.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to always involve your child in choosing to increase love for their area of ​​the home.

3. Material Safety

Parents certainly want their children to live healthily.

Choose a wall cover that has safe content for health

Especially for children who are more active and have a high curiosity.

In addition, choose a wallcover that has the latest technology and excellent quality.

Disney-themed wallpaper products from Aneka Papera Indah, for example, have a Tio2 technology coating.

The manufacturer claims, this technology works as a photocatalyst (a pollutant remover that works from light).

Of which 99.7% will successfully kill bacteria, purify the air, and eliminate odors when exposed to sunlight or lights.

4. Border Accessories

If you want to choose a wallcover whose motives are not too crowded, you can combine it with the border.

These smaller sized borders are generally mounted in the middle of the wall as accents.

By installing a border, you also divide the wall area into two.

So you can combine different wallcover motifs or combine them with matching colored paint.

If you intend to change the atmosphere at a certain time span, you can also use the border.

Choose a wall cover with neutral colors and motifs to be applied to the wall.

Then, choose a border that is more lively so that it can be the center of attention on the wall.

If you get bored, you don’t need to bother replacing the entire wallcover.

Changing the border motif will change the atmosphere of the room instantly.

5. State of the Wall

If you have made a choice on a child’s favorite wallcover motif.

Do not rush to install it on the wall at home.

Before installing, you must ensure that the walls are in good condition.

Basically the use of wallcovers, in addition, depends on the maintenance of occupants.

Also depends on the state of the wall of the house.

Do not let the wall that will and has been installed wall cover leak, cracks, and humidity.

A wall that is not in good condition will certainly make the wall cover easily damaged.

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