It has not formally renounced its claim to the mainland, but ROC authorities publications have increasingly downplayed this historical declare. The island of Taiwan lies in a posh tectonic area between the Yangtze Plate to the west and north, the Okinawa Plate on the north-east, and the Philippine Mobile Belt on the east and south. The higher part of the crust on the island is primarily made up of a sequence of terranes, largely old island arcs which have been pressured collectively by the collision of the forerunners of the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate. These have been additional uplifted on account of the detachment of a portion of the Eurasian Plate because it was subducted beneath remnants of the Philippine Sea Plate, a course of which left the crust under Taiwan extra buoyant. Taiwan lies on the Tropic of Cancer, and its basic climate is marine tropical.

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