When reconnecting, particular care ought to be taken to ensure the connector body is absolutely seated, the jam nut is absolutely secured, and no tension is on the wires. Extreme care should be exercised to protect wiring from mechanical damage by tools or other equipment used during structural repairs, STC or modifications. Damage to wire installation may cause wire arcing, fireplace and smoke. Wiring positioned adjoining to drilling or riveting operations must be carefully displaced or lined to reduce the potential for mechanical damage.

Fleet Upkeep

PUROGEN is very active, effectively removing each polar and non-polar soils then evaporating completely with no residue. Problem – Historically, circuit board assembly operations have relied on a wide range of hazardous solvents to take away extra rosin flux during manufacturing operations. These solvents have either been halogenated, or extremely flammable. Acetone solution is used to soak PCB boards for about 10 minutes.

Choose Your Electrical Project

Utilized wire lists and schematics to build personalized wire harnesses using pneumatic machines, power instruments, and hand tools. Assembled and reworked electrical assemblies and sub-assemblies using hand tools and calibrated tools. Developed manufacturing drawings used during electrical meeting of laser techniques. Completed final electrical meeting on variable velocity drive controller for oil properly drilling according to blueprint specifications. Motion Tech Automation additionally offers general electrical engineering consultation and support. With so many various technologies concerned in fashionable electrical techniques and electronics, consulting with a topic expert can help clear up any problem and make sure your job is finished in one of the simplest ways possible.

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