10Tips Home Design Based on Fengshui. Is it hard to design a house based on Fengshui, huh? It’s easy.
All design considerations involve a variety of considerations that serve to attract as much luck and positive energy as possible into the house
and remove the bad energy from the house.

10Tips Home Design Based on Fengshui

The concept of home design based on Fengshui indeed involves all elements in the house from the front door, bathroom, even to the ceiling of the house.

If you are among those who believe in the philosophy of Fengshui, then you should follow 10 home design tips based on the following Fengshui.

1. Make the front door condition maintained

Fengshui based home design

The front door of your house is the main gate of blessing and wealth, so it must be maintained so that the condition is maintained.

So that your home is able to attract as much positive energy and blessings as possible.
Then make sure the door is made as well as possible.

You can choose quality materials, the right design, and the choice of accessories that support in terms of Fengshui philosophy.

2. Take care of plants in the living room

Fengshui based home design. 10Tips Home Design Based on Fengshui

One way to attract blessings and positive energy into the home can also be through ornamental plants.

Ornamental plants in addition to accessories to beautify the living room is also an excellent Fengshui element.

But make sure the plants that are maintained are fortune-carrying plants and not bad luck plants, yes.

3. Placement of aquariums at home based on Fengshui

fengshui based home design

In Fengshui philosophy, water is one of the important elements that symbolizes wealth.

So, by maintaining an aquarium at home, you have also helped attract a good source of wealth into the home.

4. Optimize the use of furniture in the living room

Fengshui based home design

How do you design furniture at home based on Fengshui?

It’s easy too.

You only need to avoid placing furniture with sharp angles, open edges, air conditioners and pillars near or on the study table.

This position is not only dangerous but also based on Fengshui can make the occupants of the hospital easily sick, tired quickly,
and difficult to concentrate.

5. Lighting settings at home

Fengshui based home design

Based on fengshui and medical, lack of lighting at home can make the body lose a lot of energy and make emotions unstable.

That is why lighting in all parts of the house is recommended to be regulated as much as possible.

You can optimize lighting by using large windows or by installing mirrors in some parts of the house.

6. Home air control based on Fengshui

Fengshui based home design

Besides water, air is also one of the important elements that is highly considered in Fengshui.

That is one reason why you should pay attention to air conditioning and ventilation in the area of ​​the house as possible.

If there isn’t enough natural ventilation like windows or sills, you might want to consider using a mechanical ventilation device at home.

7. Choose pastel-colored wall paint

Fengshui based home design

Another important element if you want to follow home designs based on Fengshui is the selection of the right and appropriate colors.

Parts of the house, especially the bedroom, should be colored with pastel paint because of the soothing nuances it causes.

This also applies to accessories in the room such as bed covers, sheets, and pillowcases.

As much as possible do not use cold colors because it will cause you to worry easily.

8. Add yellow accessories in the room

Fengshui based home design. 10Tips Home Design Based on Fengshui.

The bedroom is one of the three main rooms which is very important in Fengshui.

So, everything in the room is very carefully considered, not only about the color but also the accessories.

You can put at least one additional accessory in the yellow room to attract more fortune into the house.

The yellow color in Fengshui is often likened to gold symbolizing blessing, wealth, or wealth.

9. Placement of bathrooms based on Fengshui

Fengshui based home design. 10Tips Home Design Based on Fengshui.

The problem of this bathroom was still quite often misunderstood by many people, especially about the location of its placement.

According to Fengshui philosophy, the bathroom should not be placed at the end of the hall or in the middle of the house. Why?

This position is not recommended for bathrooms because it can disrupt the entire flow of energy in the house, you know.

10. Pay attention to the ceiling of the house

Fengshui based home design. 10Tips Home Design Based on Fengshui.

In Fengshui, the ceiling is a symbol of the world’s sky in the house.

Therefore, Fengshui strongly discourages if the ceiling is made in a position that is too low.

This will make energy flow more limited and residents feel squeezed or feeling pressured.

Fengshui and Its Benefits

The kitchen which is placed behind it can still invite negative impacts.

The problem was in the door position. 10Tips Home Design Based on Fengshui.

What are the negative effects and how to overcome them?

Placement of the kitchen on the outside is not good for the fortune of its inhabitants.

This opinion might make people who have a kitchen in the back of the house feel calm
because they think it has been released from the negative things caused by the wrong kitchen position.

Apparently, the kitchen which is located in the back can cause problems.

There are many cases that are not less interesting regarding the layout of the kitchen that has occupied the back side of the house.

This Feng Shui problem occurs because of the position of the kitchen which is already in the back
can be clearly seen from the main door when someone enters the house.

It’s hard to save money

The kitchen seen from the main door is not justified in Feng Shui because it can invite many problems, especially those related to sustenance.

Residents will find it hard to save their fortune even though the income received is calculated to be more than enough.

The kitchen’s position as seen from the main door will also invite outsiders to envy the residents’ fortune.

The conclusion of the analysis based on Feng Shui’s calculations about the kitchen case that the writer observed was actually true.

Many homeowners complain to the writer that his career and fortune are actually quite good,
but for some reason, his unexpected expenses are so numerous and difficult to control that only a small amount of money can be saved.

After studying, it turns out there are 2 positions that are not installed directly facing each other,
the kitchen door and the main entrance.

In terms of logic, the kitchen space that can be seen from the entrance because the door looks straight to the main entrance,
has created an unpleasant atmosphere for guests and residents of the house.

Fengshui Kitchen

This is actually also part of an ethical problem that can create inconvenience.

Guests who enter someone’s house will definitely go through the main door.

It is from this door that the house will be seen directly on the first impression he enters.

If the guests can clearly see the entire contents of the kitchen space which at that time is ongoing cooking activities,
of course, the kitchen space is not in a neat state, on the contrary, it might look very messy and dirty.

This chaotic or dirty situation will certainly invite a bad impression in the mind of the guest.

It is possible that his arrival will offer a good business that is profitable but was eventually canceled because he caught
the unpleasant impression that was seen when he visited.

From the side of the occupants, if there is a guest coming and when it is cooking with the state of the kitchen room is chaotic and dirty,
then this situation often invites shame.

A spatial composition like this will certainly bring an unpleasant atmosphere for both parties.

Bad Impact

The position of the kitchen door and the main door facing each other turned
out to still have a bad impact even though the kitchen might be clean because there was no cooking.

This condition also apparently will also invite other analysis that is not good.

The condition of this clean kitchen can bring the picture that the lady of the house apparently has never cooked,
is lazy, or her cooking is considered too economical and not in accordance with the circumstances of the homeowner.

So, whatever is seen from this kitchen, both clean and dirty will always bring negative gossip.

Block Direct Vision

Also keep in mind that the first impression of a guest visiting a house is built from the living room.

Therefore, something that is less pleasing from inside the house should not be shown to outsiders.

Settling for this case is actually not difficult.

Just close the kitchen door that faces the main door with a massive wall that can block the view from the direct front.

Or, alternatively, just provide insulation in the form of furniture so that the position of the kitchen space
and its contents are not visible from the living room.

Basically, the science of Feng Shui describes a concept to create an atmosphere of comfort,
which if followed will bring good to the mind and soul of its inhabitants.

So it is not a concept that deviates from ethical norms.

Based on this analysis, the layout was made based on Feng Shui.

It is true! Sometime later, after the improvement of Feng Shui,
the fortune of the homeowner became more apparent and most of the fortune obtained by the occupants could be saved.

In addition, his career and business began to rise again because there were not many outsiders who rivaled and bothered him.
The life of its inhabitants is calm and peaceful.

How, kapellevenity, is it easy not to follow home designs based on Fengshui?

Hopefully, this article is useful and enlightening, kapellevenity.

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